Hak-nam Collective

In a world full of dominant and transaction-based relationships, targeting on personal interest, we stand aside. We are οpposed to utilitarian logics and choose the path of collectivity, demanding respect for everyone different & independent. We constantly strive to bring paths of true life closer to our routine. Placing as our top priority the resistance against any level of order and authority, thus racism, sexism and fascism, we managed to create Hak Nam Collective.

Hak Nam Collective is a team that loves music and organizes DIY shows. In our opinion music should not be a privilege only for those who can afford it / buy it / create it. That’s why we share our music, our gear, our ideas, our knowledge and ultimately our diverse thinking.

To us DIY is the way to create music and organize shows or other relevant events. We aim to abolish the gap between artist and audience. We nurture solidarity relationships within and beyond the team, standing up for our ideas till the end. DIY is the self-organization of (but not limited just to) music: it’s not just a matter of musical choice -it’s a way of life. We understand the need for financial support behind this, try to satisfy everyone’s needs and rely on everyone’s understanding. DIY is neither free nor some sort of a dogma.

Finally, we show our support to everyone who is in line with us. Let this effort be another step to take life in our hands.


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