Biotexnia collective

Biotexnia is a self-managed space standing in Thessaloniki since 2011.
We manage our own time in a space that doesn’t underlie commercial terms and opposes to the culture of profit and competitiveness. We are based on solidarity, don’t follow political stereotypes and we are against
racist/ fascist/ sexist attitudes.
We organize various events without prejudice to personal aesthetics and criteria, or the possible popularity of an event. Our aim is to support the true need for expression on a self-organized basis, underlined by true mentality and action.
Biotexnia is neither a bar, nor a squat .We offer our time and energy voluntarily. Proceeds are used for standard expenses, improvement and development of the place.The entrance is free and there is a free donation box in order to try to cover transport expenses and accommodation for artists out of town coming to perform here.
We demand from performers. visitors and anyone involved here to respect the place and the people , so that we can keep on pursuing the aims that we’re fighting for. We meet every Monday at 21:00 to organize possible events in the future and we are open to new ideas or proposals.

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